How to design lighting design

Time: 2021/9/27 2:22:06   Browse: 756
The lighting design needs to be designed according to the space and the desired effect. The general lighting design needs to be carried out through three lighting methods. The following editor will introduce in detail:

Ambient lighting-basic lighting, it means:
Allows people to move easily and safely

Indicate the characteristics of the space

Make the space look bigger

Make the space more comfortable by balancing the brightness of the space surface

The down-illuminated basic lighting that illuminates the objects and surfaces in the lower space can create a feeling of warmth and intimacy, while the indirect lighting that illuminates the ceiling and walls makes the space look more rational, quiet, and spacious.

Accent lighting-illuminate special areas
Accent lighting will add extra light to the surface of a particular object. Accent lighting can attract eyeballs, enhance the dramatic effect, and arouse people's interest. It's like saying, "Hey, look here!"

Task lighting-illuminate the working surface
Task lighting is to illuminate the area where we work: such as reading, writing, preparing food, washing and ironing clothes, games or manual work. Writing and reading generally require sufficient and well diffused light to illuminate from the shoulder or side; for kitchens and handicrafts, usually a concentrated beam of light illuminates from above to achieve good results.

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