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"Light" represents an elegant attitude, low-key, comfortable, but without sacrificing nobility and elegance;

"Luxury" refers to luxury. Luxury is not a dazzling array of blingbling, or the tens of thousands of prices and the consumption level of the second generation of upstarts. It's an attitude, a state of pursuing quality and exquisite life without stress.

If you want to have a light luxury style, you should master the "four elements":

Brand, Taste, Pursue, Style.

The light luxury style can be subdivided into 5 categories:

Chinese light luxury, European light luxury, American light luxury, French light luxury, modern light luxury.

Up to now, the light luxury style has begun to be widely involved in various fields such as commerce and home furnishing, and the style of "light luxury" can also be seen in different industries. Therefore, Weisheng Lighting's light luxury "Hua" series of LED commercial The scene shows the lamp spontaneously!

According to the light luxury scenes of different products, different types of LED display lights are customized to achieve the icing on the cake, such as:

1. New Chinese style (mahogany, solid wood) series:

Features: Symmetry, simplicity, simplicity, elegant style, rich cultural connotation, reflecting the owner's higher aesthetic taste and social status. The light illuminates the texture with clear and distinct layers.

2. European and American light luxury series:

Features: It embodies the owner's pursuit of high-quality life details. The light is soft and comfortable, delicate and distinct.

3. Building materials (tiles, sanitary ware, wooden doors, floors, curtains) series:

Features: Different materials, different colors and different space atmospheres, using different power, angles and color temperatures, focusing on custom light colors of building materials.

4. Sofa and soft bed series:

Features: Fabric materials are mostly made of cotton and silk, with rich colors and patterns and a sense of the times. The lighting reflects the warmth and fashion of the product; leather materials, the colors are mostly white, red, purple, black or brown, with high-color lighting Irradiation can show its perfect texture.

5. Modern and simple (plate customization, children, cabinets) series:

Features: Products with rich colors are matched with warm-toned lights, and colors of black, white, and gray are matched with high-color temperature lights. The lighting needs emphasize bright and concise.

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