The important role of store lighting design

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The lighting design in the store is the place that best reflects the value of the lighting design compared to the lighting design in other buildings. The lighting design in the store is not only used for lighting, but also displays the decoration style of the store. More importantly, it should highlight consignment sales. The highlights of the product, the following is a detailed introduction to the importance of lighting design for the store.

  The most important role of lighting in a store is to attract sight. Among them, window lighting is an artistic creation based on the display of goods, and it is also a very good way to attract eyeballs. A variety of products sold in the store will be displayed in the window, and all exhibits must be illuminated in the same way. If there are few products on display, you can also illuminate the price and texture description of the product.

  Secondly, consider the lighting of goods. The lighting design in a store first needs to provide effective lighting for all the products in the store, and on this basis, design distinctive display lighting for some key products.

   Another function of lighting in the store is to stimulate customers' interest in goods. The following are some ways to arouse customers' interest in products through lighting:

  1. Use special techniques to illuminate commodities, especially personalized display lighting;

  2, the lamp with distinctive shape steel can be known, it can effectively strengthen the environmental characteristics.

  3. Some architectural lighting techniques, such as dark trough lighting on the top of the wall, wall-washing lighting, etc., are used to highlight or emphasize elements in architecture or interior design.

  4. In the lighting design, some special lighting technologies are used, such as optical fiber, color-changing lighting, stage lighting, neon lights, etc. to make the store space more dynamic and attractive.

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