Home lighting is divided into four levels? Isn’t it bright enough?

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What? Home lighting is still divided into levels? Isn't it bright enough?

A small lamp looks inconspicuous, but it can bring great changes to the home with its brightness and color or the shape of the lampshade. Master the 4 levels of home lighting, you {jd1} can create a beautiful home like a magazine template.


First of all, what are the 4 levels?

Basic lighting: only need to reach the level of illuminating effect, such as balcony ceiling lights.

Accent lighting: For local special works of art or design, you should focus on lighting to highlight parts, such as background wall spotlights.

Atmosphere lighting: also called decorative lighting, diffused lighting adds a soft feeling and adjusts the mood, such as floor lamps.

Functional lighting: to achieve a specific lighting function, generally on the work surface, such as the work desk lamp, the light strip under the cabinet.

Which areas should be combined with which levels?

How to match the basic lighting with the other three levels?


Kitchen and bathroom, balcony, entrance, study-basic + function

The kitchen is mainly for cooking, with basic lighting as the mainstay. Choose the appropriate recessed flat light or ceiling light according to whether the ceiling is suspended or not, to ensure that there is enough light to illuminate. At the same time, appropriate functional lighting needs to be added.

For example, the light strips can be hidden inside the cabinets in the kitchen, so that it is convenient to find stored food and see the built-in items clearly. A light tube can be installed under the wall cabinet to avoid the inconvenience of cutting vegetables when it is too dark; cooking food places need fast and clear directional lighting, so install spotlights in the cabinet or cooking area to allow family members to enjoy comfort The cooking process.


The bathroom is also the same, basic lighting is the mainstay, appropriate supplementary lamps above the toilet and around the mirror of the bathroom, such as mirror lights and wall lights.

Balconies and entrances are transitional areas with less activity time. Inductive lamps can be installed as needed to light up when people come. In this way, mother no longer has to worry that I can't find the switch when I enter the door! We don't have to worry that mother will not be able to press the switch when carrying a basin of clothes to dry~


In the study room, in addition to the basic light of the room, a work desk lamp is of course indispensable.

Today's LED desk lamps have many functional designs, such as dimming the brightness of the color tone, if you are reading a book and doing homework, you can choose white light, if you are drinking coffee and flipping a magazine, you can press yellow light...


Restaurant: focus + atmosphere

The restaurant can choose to illuminate the spotlights, which can illuminate the table and facilitate dining, and different styles of lampshades can also highlight the design of the restaurant and create a warm atmosphere.

When choosing restaurant lighting, it is recommended that everyone try to choose the dining chandelier with the lampshade down. Firstly, it is convenient to take care of. Secondly, it is directly illuminating the table. The delicious dishes are not more attractive under the Meimei lighting. Do you have appetite?


Bedroom: Basic + Focus/Atmosphere

A bedroom with soft light needs soft light to create a comfortable and soft lighting environment, which is more conducive to the improvement of sleep quality.


If you like to read, you can place a directional lighting reading lamp at the bedside, and light-colored lamps are easier to create a peaceful atmosphere.

The bedside of the bedroom basically does not need much direct lighting, and the requirements for brightness are not high. Some diffused chandeliers, wall lamps, and atmosphere lamps are good choices. If there are some beautiful paintings or photos on the wall, you can supplement it by positioning spotlights.


Living room: basic + focus + atmosphere

The living room, a place to relax and meet guests, needs to create an appropriate atmosphere. Using direct or diffuse lighting, it is convenient to enjoy watching TV or reading activities.

The TV background is the focal point of the living room. It usually spends a lot of money to design and build. Install LED light strips or spotlights around the TV background. On the one hand, it can highlight the focus. On the other hand, it can weaken the contrast of light and dark in the field of vision and relieve visual fatigue.


Of course, adding a floor lamp to the corner of the sofa or placing a table lamp on the corner table is to create a wasteful and leisurely atmosphere when comfortable. A piece of music, a glass of red wine, a little light, what could be more romantic than this?


Do you know the four levels of home lighting now? Use them handily, your home will be more than a hundred times icing on the cake~

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