When working out, have you paid attention to the lights in the gym?

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The fitness industry has been particularly lively in recent years. As the concept of healthy life has become more popular, many people also regard fitness as a fashionable lifestyle. Vest line and eight pack abs have become the pursuit of many people. So every time you go to work out, have you paid attention to the lights of the gym?


    The lighting design of the gym is mainly to create a space atmosphere, which is mainly manifested in the emotional feelings of people being in it. The fitness club is synonymous with health and strength, so the design should be based on a healthy and positive atmosphere. The choice of light source should be close to natural light as a whole, with a color temperature of 4000K{zj0}, {zh0} use more secondary lighting, and achieve the effect of illuminating the entire indoor space through the reflection of light.


Equipment area: both fortitude and gentleness

    The equipment is divided into aerobic and anaerobic areas. Considering safety, the lighting should be bright and less shadowed, and the space should be filled with a sense of layering. Regarding the functional design of the anaerobic zone and the aerobic zone, it is necessary to grasp the human psychology.



    In the anaerobic zone, people pay attention to strength and muscles. Therefore, the character of the light should be fortitude, persistence and heavyness. You can use cold light tones. The lamps should be mainly made of metal products; while in the aerobic zone, people The focus is on the beauty of the figure, the character of the light should be gentle, stretched and relaxed, and the choice of lamps and lanterns is mainly soft and beautiful.

The most important thing is that the light in front of the mirror can accurately represent the outline of the human body, which requires the coordination of top light, surface light, and side light.


Gymnastics room: use lights to drive sports atmosphere

     The gymnastics room should feel like "outdoors". In the design, a bright lighting system can be used. The main tone of the space lighting should be bright, the color temperature is between 3800K and 4000K, so that the room is full of natural light, so that the exerciser is as comfortable as exercising outdoors, as if being outdoors.


Cycling room: using lights to spark passion

    The design of the dynamic bicycle space can use lighting that matches with intense music to drive the passionate atmosphere of the bicycle space with lighting effects; color matching can also be used to visually activate the atmosphere of the space.

For example, a yellow bicycle, with the main tone of white light, forms a visual contrast in color through a corresponding method, which makes people full of exploration and continuous progress.


Dressing room: warm design enhances the sense of space

      Warm tube spotlights projecting the ground can be used in the dressing room, and the lockers can also be equipped with warm color light strips to facilitate the search for clothes. It is matched with elegant soft outfits. The large-area floor-to-ceiling mirror is not only practical, but also increases the level of space. feel.

In general, a color temperature of about 4000K is more suitable for mass gyms, because brighter natural-color lights can make bodybuilders more excited and physically and mentally happy, which is very helpful for improving fitness effects. In addition, the natural-color lighting in the gym will also give the interior a sense of safety and warmth. Compared with the cold light, it can make the bodybuilder feel more comfortable in winter.


Remember, in addition to professional coaches and {dj0} equipment, a high-end gym is also very important.

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