No uncomfortable home decoration, only light that doesn’t work hard

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Why do the lighting in the home need to be designed? Why can't we rely on a light bulb to solve all problems? ?

Home lighting is the eyes and windows of the entire home improvement. In addition to safety, energy saving and durability, home lighting is more important than comfort.

Energy-saving and durability determine whether the number of lamps should be small or not, and safety is mainly reflected in the quality of lamps. For home decoration, the pursuit of comfort is the core of home lighting.

 Light angle

The illumination angle of the LED lamp will vary according to the purpose, so the purpose of the LED lamp should be considered when purchasing. There are three types of light in home improvement:

Ambient light
The ambient light has a large illumination range, and the direct light source cannot be seen clearly, but the light has changed, and indirect lighting is mostly used. Ambient light can be achieved through ceiling lights, recessed lights, wall lights, etc.

For example, the function of the living room is mainly to entertain guests, audio-visual and reading. The ambient light only needs to illuminate the entire area evenly without being too strong. The use of scattered light sources can better adjust the brightness of the space.

Contour light

The main channel of the contour light has light strips and light troughs, which emphasize the contours of walls and ceilings to create a sense of hierarchy. At the same time, it can also add auxiliary lighting to the ambient light to make the indoor space appear higher and larger.

For example, the kitchen has more storage areas, and its partitions can easily block light and produce shadows. Install light strips or cabinet lights on the shelves to facilitate access to objects.


Focus light

Focus lights can focus on creating a local atmosphere. Direct lighting is often used, with strong illuminance, small range, and a lot of props, such as chandeliers, spotlights, standing lights, etc., how to match it depends on the specific occasion.

For example, a floor lamp can be set up next to the sofa in the living room according to your preferences, and it can be partially illuminated when watching TV or reading.

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